Sean Lackey (Producer, Brian, Mickey) is so proud and happy to help “raise the dead” after a five year hiatus. He is from Rocky River and received his B.S. in Accounting from the University of Dayton. After discovering his brain needed balance, he studied improv and acting at the famed Second City, where he became an understudy in various mainstage shows, performed in numerous business theater shows, and basically hung around people that dreamed for a living. Refreshing. He was a founding member of Oliver Twisted and performed at Hilarities Theatre. Back in 2000, he met a group of people that called themselves the Irish Rodeo Clowns and performed in an amazing show called Flanagan’s Wake....and he became one of them. He has played the roles of Mickey, Brian, Mayor, and Mother. He owns a CPA firm for kicks. Special love and thanks to Michelle, John, Eileen, Mitchell, Maria, John Regan, Cody, The Frankie Kong Players, Gandalf, the Jesuits, and U2.